Kerry’s lost and found saphire stone.

October 31, 2012

On the 26th Sept 2012, at Aeon Giftware Rotorua, Kerry was very busy packing orders, when she looked down and saw her sapphire stone had fallen out of her ring… well we searched everywhere but to no avail… Kerry phoned all the customers she had sent orders to before noticing the stone had gone and asked them to keep an eye out for it.. Of course the chances of ever seeing it again seemed most unlikely

One of the lovely customers Kerry spoke to was Ann Rawiri from Taonga Pounamu Wellington

She said she would pray for Kerry and would do her best to get her stone back to her.

Well Ann advised her staff not to touch the boxes that she would go thru herself…. It was a big order with three boxes to go thru but unbelievably Ann found Kerry’s stone.

Well!!! Great excitement at both ends on the phone as Ann gave Kerry the good news. Jason picked the stone up the following week while down in Wellington and it is now repaired!!

Our Thank you gift to Ann Rawiri of Taonga Pounamu, Wellington

A Huge thank you to Ann from Taonga Pounamu Greenstone Treasure/Maori Arts Gallery Wellington… This proves there are still very honest and wonderful people out there. Kerry was very lucky indeed.

Kerry’s now repaired ring.

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