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June 17, 2021

Freestanding Art Piece

As the famous Maori proverb goes - “Whāia te iti kahurangi ki te tūohu koe me he maunga teitei.” - which translates to: Seek the treasure you value most dearly; if you bow your head, let it be to a lofty mountain. Speaking of mountains, today we thought of sharing the legendary (yet interesting) short story on the ancient Te Mata Peak for our friends outside of New Zealand.


The legend of Te Mata Peak - This is one story, retold by a local historian:

Te Mata Peak is said to be the prostrate body of the Waimrama chief Te Mata, according to tradition.

The people who lived in pā (protected villages) on the Heretaunga Plains were under continual danger of battle from the Waimrama coastal tribes many millennia ago. The answer came when a kuia (wise old lady) asked permission to speak in the marae at a meeting in Pakipaki (5km south of Hastings) to address the problem: “He ai n te wahine, ka horahia te p,” she remarked. (Sometimes the ways of a woman may overcome the consequences of darkness).

Hinerkau, the lovely daughter of a Pakipaki chief, stepped in and was supposed to make the Waimrama tribes' leader, a giant called Te Mata, fall in love with her, shifting his attention away from fighting and toward peace. The idea worked, but she fell in love as well. Legends say that Te Mata died while proving his love.

Today his achievements can be seen in the hills, known as The Gap or Pari Karangaranga (a.k.a. Echoing cliffs). It is believed that his prostrate lying body forms the Te Mata Peak.

A (more) realistic story goes…

The seabed inclined and displaced 2 million years ago, resulting in the Te Mata Peak landform. It was inhabited by Mori tribes for centuries, then claimed by European immigrants, and finally presented to the community by the Chambers family in 1927 for everybody to enjoy.


Love & The Way We Express Means SOMETHING

Taking a point from Te Mata’s legend the original story, love is powerful! It can move mountains, or it can melt a Giant’s heart, too.

But love comes with a natural condition to express. We ALL have experienced - for your mother, sister, lover, grandparents, pet, etc.

To make your gifting experience a little bit special and unique we recommend some of our finest freestanding piece collections, rooted with our thousands of year-old heritage in New Zealand. 

These one-of-a-kind pieces can be placed at the heart of your living room or bedside table. 

Our freestanding art pieces are made using supreme quality raw materials (such as bamboo, rimu, gaboon, etc.) to ensure that they last longer.



Starting with the Large Standing Tiki artwork (260mm high) has been crafted from plantation grown gaboon, using laser technology and assembled manually.

This single-sided piece of art boasts rich detailings, paua inlay and comes with a stylish black base to complete the look, related story and a protective box.



The Large Standing Wheku artwork (245mm high) has laser-crafted using the gaboon and later assembled manually.

This single-sided piece of art boasts impressive detailing, paua inlay and comes with a stylish black base for completing the look, related story and a protective box.



This 65 mm high (approx) Carved Twist piece has taken its inspiration from the 40,000-year-old Genesis Kauri, comes with paua inlaid eyes and has been mounted on a black oval base.



The Carved Koru standing piece, too, has been crafted from a 40,000-year-old (est) Genesis Kauri with paua inlay, mounted on a black oval base. (Figure approximately 65mm high)



Stylish standing Kiwi artwork (110mm) crafted from Rimu veneer board.



This manually-assembled Large Standing Hook artwork (300mm high), laser-crafted from plantation-grown gaboon and has been assembled manually. It is a contemporary representation of Te Matau a Maui. 

This single-sided piece of art boasts fine detailing, paua inlay and comes complete with a stylish black base, related story and protective box.



Small carved Hook (Matau) crafted from Genesis Kauri that is an estimated 40,000 years old. It features paua inlaid eyes and is mounted on a black oval base.



Small carved Manaia crafted from 40,000-year-old (est) Genesis Kauri with paua inlaid eyes, mounted on a black oval base (Figure approximately 65mm high).



The Large Standing Manaia artwork (310mm high) crafted from plantation-grown gaboon, using laser technology & hand-assembled.

This single-sided piece comes with a paua inlay and a stylish black base, related story and protective box.



If you want to check out our range of artifacts, check out our website. For other queries, you can reach out to us at the click of a button.

Shipping Information

Turnaround for dispatch is 5 working days from ordering.

North Island delivery is an additional 1-2 days,

South Island is 1-3 days,

and rural is up to 5 days.

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