Monster Hanging Manaia Artwork


$360.00 NZD

This stunning monster manaia (580mm high) will transform any wall in your home or office into a fantastic feature wall.

This contemporary artwork with its intricate design and super fine detail is crafted from Gaboon veneer plywood, medium density fibreboard (mdf) and embellished with Faux fur, NZ Paua laminate.

To make your gift extra special we can add a gold plaque to the back engraved with your custom inscription for only $20.00 (maximum 20 words)

This makes it customisable for any birthday or occasion!

Price includes FREE std delivery within New Zealand and Australia (rural extra)

Design Inspiration

 Te Manaia . . . the Guardian Spirit (a supernatural being) plays an important role in the Maori world. To the Maori every person on Earth has a Guardian Spirit which can be described as an unseen light surrounding each individual.

During life this guardian is a protector from evil and untimely accident. At death the guardian guides the spirit of the departed person safely to a spiritual doorway where it is re-united with the ancestors from the ancient homeland of Hawaaiki.

Te Manaia are usually depicted in side profile symbolizing their role as messengers (ie part in the spirit world and part in the earthly world).

They normally have the head of a bird (sky), the body of a man (earth) and the tail of a fish (sea) symbolic of the balance they have between the realms.

Te Manaia is said to protect one from evil. 


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Size:    58cm x 28cm x 2cm (H x W x D)

Mass:  Approx 0.9kg

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