Large Hanging Twist

LHTW (r)

$105.00 NZD

The large Hanging twist artwork (300mm high) is a contemporary representation of the Pikorua (Twist). This single-sided piece of art boasts super fine detail, paua inlay and comes complete with related story and protective box.

This artwork with its intricate design and super fine detail is crafted from Gaboon veneer plywood, medium density fibreboard (mdf) and embellished with NZ Paua laminate.

Design Inspiration

In Maori culture the Pikorua represents the enduring connection between people and cultures. Its design derives from the piko piko fern whose fronds curl around and envelope one another.

In its single (figure eight) form the Pikorua represents the eternal bond between two individuals. The shape has no beginning or end and symbolises the two life paths that may move apart for a while but always come back together again. The double and triple twist forms represent the relationship between different peoples, cultures and whanau (family).

They were often gifted as a symbol of friendship between tribes. In all its forms the Pikorua signifies an eternal binding together between two parties. It represents friendship, love, family, togetherness, loyalty and epitomises the strength and beauty of loving, enduring relationships.


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Size:    30cm x 16cm x 2cm (H x W x D)

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