Aeons Most recent Project, the Red Stag Timber Bike box

Tony Hadlow of Fineline Creative came to us with a conception for a display box. This box is not just a box, It is to hold a very special bike made from wood to show what you can do with wood. Not only does the box hold the wooden bike and protect it, it puts it on display as well. Constructed from Pine plywood and battening to give it that rugged and strong look from the outside, and a beautiful wooden look on the inside. The box has four sides that fold in half and then down again to transform the box into a viewing platform. The steel hinges and pins that lock the box together were hand made by us. The writing on the box is actually engraved into the wood, and then color filled.

The box was presented to the Red Stag team on Thursday the 5th of July 2012,
the team absolutely loved our work, and were over the moon with the outcome.

Designed and built by Mike Carlton and the team at Aeon Giftware.

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