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  • Do you have a facebook page?
  • Do you send internationally?
    Yes, when placing an order hit the “Ship to a different address?” tab and enter in the receivers details.
  • Are your products made in New Zealand?
    Yes, we manufacture everything we sell “in house”. Some of the findings i.e. key chains, magnets & pen refills are imported as we have been unable to source them in New Zealand.
  • Will I have any problems getting through New Zealand customs with any of your wooden gifts?
    No. We have contacted MAF (Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries), the government agency responsible for border control and they have advised us that as long as the material from which each item has been made is kiln dried and coated with protective oil or lacquer there is no phytosanitary risk at all.
  • How should I care for my wooden gift?
    Each of our products is finished with either heat/scratch resistant lacquer or danish oil. They should be wiped clean with a damp cloth. Never put in the dish washer!!
  • How can I buy your products for my shop?
    Please complete an Account Application Form’ and mail or fax it to us. Allow two working days for us to process your application. If successful, we will email confirmation that your account has been activated and advise your login and password. This will give you access to the Members Only area of our website where you can immediately place orders, view pricing, access your on-line order history, update your contact & delivery details and download several useful forms.
  • Are you allowed to export New Zealand Native timbers?
    It is true, that only in special circumstances are you permitted to fell any “live” native trees. However, you are permitted to salvage the timber from trees that have fallen due to old age or the elements. All our products are manufactured from timber recovered in this manner.

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