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Item SKU Price Qty
Manaia The Guardian Spirit 21st & Celebration Key
from $200.00
without stand
21MA-1 $200.00
with stand (+$15)
21MA-2 $215.00
Polynesian 21st & Celebration Key
from $200.00
without stand
21PA-1 $200.00
with stand (+$15)
21PA-2 $215.00
The Fishhook of Maui 21st & Celebration Key
from $200.00
without stand
21HK-1 $200.00
with stand (+$15)
21HK-2 $215.00
The Hei Tiki 21st & Celebration Key
from $200.00
without stand
21TK-1 $200.00
with stand (+$15)
21TK-2 $215.00
The Wheku 21st & Celebration Key
from $200.00
without stand
21WH-1 $200.00
with stand (+$15)
21WH-2 $215.00
Large Hook Trophy

LTHK $155.00
Large Manaia Trophy

LTMA $155.00
Large Standing Hook

LSHK $125.00
Large Standing Manaia

LSMA $125.00
Large Standing Tiki

LSTK $125.00
Large Standing Wheku

LSWH $125.00
Standing Fern

SAFN $30.00
Standing Kiwi

SAKI $30.00
Standing Koru

SAKO $30.00
Carved Standing Twist

SMTW $21.00
Carved Standing Koru

SMKO $21.00
Carved Standing Hook

SMHK $21.00
Carved Standing Manaia

SMMA $21.00
Carved Standing Wheku

SMWH $21.00
Carved Standing Tiki

SMTK $21.00
Hanging Hook Artwork

LHHK $105.00
Hanging Manaia Artwork

LHMA $105.00
Hanging Tiki Artwork

LHTK $105.00
Hanging Wheku Artwork

LHWH $105.00
Hook Wall Art Panel

WPHK $55.00
Manaia Wall Art Panel

WPMA $55.00
Wheku Wall Art Panel

WPWH $55.00
Tiki Wall Art Panel

WPTK $55.00
Wall Art Coloured Heart

WCHE $55.00
Wall Art Coloured Scroll

WCSC $55.00
Wall Art Coloured Rafter

WCRA $55.00
Wall Art Coloured Fish Scale

WCFS $55.00
New Zealand Rimu Wall Art

WANZ $55.00
Koru Rimu Wall Art

WAKO $55.00
Fern Rimu Wall Art

WAFN $55.00
Rima Tile Art

TARI $35.00
Toru Tile Art

TATO $35.00
Tahi Tile Art

TATA $35.00
Wha Tile Art

TAWH $35.00
Rua Tile Art

TARU $35.00
Premium Large Triple Artwork

Medium Triple

FHTK $142.60
Large Framed Eel

FREL $118.00
Large Framed Hook

FRHK $118.00
Large Framed Manaia

FRMA $118.00
Large Framed Hei Tiki

FRTK $118.00
Large Framed Tuatara

FRTU $118.00
Large Framed Wheku

FRWH $118.00
Carved Manaia Frame

FCMA $59.00
Carved Tiki Frame

FCTK $59.00
Carved Twist Frame

FCTW $59.00
Carved Matau Frame

FCHK $59.00
Carved Wheku Frame

FCWH $59.00
Medium Framed Hook

FSHK $72.00
Medium Framed Manaia

FSMA $72.00
Medium Framed Tiki

FSTK $72.00
Medium Framed Wheku

FSWH $72.00
4 pin Heru (Comb)

HE4P $30.50
5 pin Heru (Comb)

HE5P $30.50
Manaia Heru (Comb)

HEMA $30.50
Mothers Choice Jewellery Box

JBMC $280.00
Koru Heart Keepsake Box

KPHE $50.00
Mum Keepsake Box

KPMU $50.00
Love Keepsake Box

KPLO $50.00
Floral Love Keepsake Box

KPFL $50.00
Floral Keepsake Box

KPFB $50.00
Kiwi Business Card Box

BBKI $36.30
Taaniko Business Card Box

BBTA $36.30
Paua Kiwi Business Card Box

BBKP $36.30
Paua Koru

GBPK $48.00
Playing Card Box

BBSU $36.30
Paua Fern business card Box

BBPF $36.30
Tiki Business Card Box

BBTK $36.30
Wheku Business Card Box

BBWH $36.30
Paua Koru business card Box

BBPK $36.30
Hook Business Card Box

BBHK $36.30
Manaia Business Card Box

BBMA $36.30
Koru Wha Business Card Box

BBKO $36.30
Paua Heart Hexagonal Box

HBPH $36.00
Heart Hexagonal Box

HBHE $36.00
Paua Kiwi Hexagonal Box

HBPK $36.00
Paua Fern Hexagonal Box

HBPF $36.00
Koru Hexagonal Box

HBKO $36.00
Kiwi Hexagonal Box

HBKI $36.00
Fern Hexagonal Box

HBFN $36.00
Heron Trinket Box

TBHE $50.50
Paua Koru Trinket Box

TBPK $50.50
Tiki Trinket Box

TBTK $55.00
Kiwi Trinket Box

TBKI $50.50
Wave Trinket Box

TBWA $50.50
Trinket Box Diagonal

TBDI $99.00
Square Trinket Box

TBSQ $99.00
Heron Gift Box

GBHE $48.00
Kiwi Gift Box

GBKI $48.00
Tiki Gift Box

GBTK $48.00
Wave Gift Box

GBWA $48.00
Maori Rimu Coaster Set

RCMA $37.00
Scroll Rimu Coaster Set

RCSC $8.50
Kiwi Cartoon Rimu Coasters

RCKI $38.00
Kiwi Kauri Coaster Set

MCKI $55.00
Tuatara Kauri Coaster Set

MCTU $55.00
Faces of the Sun Kauri Coaster Set

MCFA $55.00
Younger Warriors Kauri Coaster Set

MCWA $55.00
Mixed Paua Kauri Coaster Set

PC07 $71.00
Paua Dolphin Kauri Coaster Set

PC06 $71.00
Koru Kotahi Kauri Coaster Set

PC05 $71.00
Koru Moana Kauri Coaster Set

PC04 $71.00
Paua Kiwi Kauri Coaster Set

PC03 $71.00
Koru Ngaru Kauri Coaster Set

PC02 $71.00
Koru e rua Kauri Coaster Set

PC01 $71.00
Mixed Paua Rimu Coaster Set

SCMX $52.50
Fern Paua Rimu Coaster Set

SCFN $52.50
New Zealand Paua Rimu Coaster Set

SCNZ $52.50
Paua Koru Rimu Coaster Set

SCKO $52.50
Paua Kiwi Rimu Coaster Set

SCKI $52.50
Macrocarpa Serving Platter (Large)

CBFB $35.00
Macrocarpa Serving Platter (Small)

CBFS $30.00
Wine Glass Holder Spanner

WGSP $18.50
Wine Glass Holder Koru

WGKO $18.50
Tiki Keychain Bottle Opener

BKTK $14.00
NZ Map Keychain Bottle Opener

BKNZ $14.00
Fern Keychain Bottle Opener

BKFN $14.00
Koru Keychain Bottle Opener

BKKO $14.00
Kiwi Keychain Bottle Opener

BKKI $14.00
Wheku Keychain Bottle Opener

BKWH $14.00
Wheku Magnet Bottle Opener

BFWH $14.00
Tiki Magnet Bottle Opener

BFTK $14.00
NZ Map Magnet Bottle Opener

BFNZ $14.00
Kiwi Magnet Bottle Opener

BFKI $14.00
Fern Magnet Bottle Opener

BFFN $14.00
Koru Magnet Bottle Opener

BFKO $14.00
Right Jandal Bottle Opener

BOJR $29.50
Left Jandal Bottle Opener

BOJL $29.50
Large Te Waka Taua

CA03 $1,199.00
Small Light Waka

CASL $82.00
Medium Light Waka

caml $127.00
Small Dark Waka

CASD $82.00
Medium Dark Waka

CAMD $127.00
Wheku Pendant

PMWH $17.50
Twist Pendant

PMTW $17.50
Hook Pendant

PMHK $17.50
Manaia Pendant

PMMA $17.50
Tiki Pendant

PMTK $17.50
Wheku Magnet

MMWH $14.00
Tiki Magnet

MMTK $14.00
Manaia Magnet

MMMA $14.00
Hook Magnet

MMHK $14.00
Twist Magnet

MMTW $14.00
Sheep Magnet

MASH $5.50
Tuatara Magnet

MATU $5.50
Possum Magnet

MAPO $5.50
Cow Magnet

MACO $5.50
Pukeko Magnet

MBPU $5.50
Tui Magnet

MBTU $5.50
Kea Magnet

MBKE $5.50
Kiwi Magnet

MBKI $5.50
Paua Dolphin Pen

PBDO $6.50
Paua Fern Pen

PBFN $6.50
Paua Kiwi Pen

PBKI $6.50
Paua Koru Pen

PBKO $6.50
16GB Fern USB

FDFN $28.00
16GB Toru USB

FDTO $28.00
16GB Rua USB

FDRU $28.00
16GB Koru USB

FDKO $28.00
Paua Leaf Pen

PBLF $6.50
16GB Kiwi USB

FDKI $28.00
Twist Letter Opener

LOTW $23.00
Koru Letter Opener

LOKO $17.50
Wheku Letter Opener

LOWH $23.00
Tiki Letter Opener

LOTK $23.00
Rimu Pen Holder

DWPH $26.00
Rimu Desk Set

DWDS $60.00
Rimu Notepaper Holder

DWNP $26.00
Rimu Business Card Holder

DWBC $14.00
Rimu Key Rack

KEY1 $44.00
Carved Key Rack

KEY2 $72.00
Carved Hook Keychain

KMHK $14.00
Carved Manaia Keychain

KMMA $14.00
Carved Twist Keychain

KMTW $14.00
Carved Tiki Keychain

KMTK $14.00
Carved Wheku Keychain

KMWH $14.00
Dolphin Keychain

KSDO $14.00
Koru Keychain

KSKO $14.00
Fern Keychain

KSFN $14.00
NZ Map Keychain

KSNZ $14.00
Kiwi Keychain

KSKI $14.00
Tuatara Pocket Puzzle

PPTU $4.50
Sheep Pocket Puzzle

PPSH $4.50
Penguin Pocket Puzzle

PPPE $4.50
Kiwi Pocket Puzzle

PPKI $4.50

MWTA $12.00

MWKO $12.00

MWWA $12.00

MWME $12.00
Dad's Beer

BPDA $8.00

BPWO $8.00
Woolly Sheep

BPSH $8.00