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Aeon (Ay-on)

is a Latin transliteration from the Koine Greek word ‘ho aion’; it typically refers to life or lifespan. ‘Aeon’ also has associations with ‘age’, ‘longevity’, and ‘medieval’, though more common usage is for any long, indefinite, period of time.

….to us Aeon simply means ‘heirlooms that will last forever’.


It all began in a garage…

Aeon’s beginnings, like many businesses, grew from a passion – owner Mike Carlton has always been passionate about art, and Maori art/design. In 1990, when tiny Katikati township (Eastern Bay of Plenty) was struggling, he was one of a number of volunteers who believed that by depicting the unique history of the area with painted murals on the walls of the town, visitor numbers would increase. Mike’s role included fundraising for the now famous murals, and involved making screen-printed Kauri coasters with mural artwork, and selling them through local craft outlets.

So it all began in a garage…

Increasing demand resulted in an extension to the souvenir and giftware range, steadily progressing to include iconic kiwi and ethnic themes. It also required an upgrade in location and approach to manufacturing techniques. In 1995 Aeon Giftware opened a purpose built premise in its present location in View Road, Rotorua.

Mike is of Ngati Whakaue descent, and inherited much of his mother’s artistic talent.  Technology, in the form of  New Zealand’s first laser engraver was introduced in 1993; this enabled Mike to produce, to minute detail, many forms of multi layered carving and ethnic pieces; Aeon Giftware currently operates three laser engravers. The entire process, from conception, designs, programming, manufacturing, assembling, and guaranteed delivery times is challenging, and combines artistic talent, sound business sense and practice with leading edge technology.

Meet the Aeon Team Members

Pai to ra (pie tor rah) – Have a good day


Aeon Giftware – Proudly made in Rotorua, New Zealand

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